Hey, babes!

Welcome to LAMODA, a radical fashion footwear brand that supplies the hottest styles worldwide.

We have been supplying unique shoes that can complete any outfit since 2017 and our passion has been apparent throughout the years and ground-breaking, to say the least.

It all started here in the UK, we had a vision that would fill the gap in the market for loud, creative, and bold shoes that would make their own statement. Now… Here we are; 2022 and we have grown so much!

With over 1000 exclusive styles with new lines added monthly; we can assure your wardrobe has the shock factor we all need. Take a look at our Instagram @LAMODA and tag us in your styles! We’re here for the weird and wonderful, radical and raunchy. No filter needed just express yourself: whatever your style, whoever you are, LAMODA has got you covered.

So... get styling, feel good, and strut your stuff. That's how you rock being a #LAMODAbabe!


Inclusivity -Not only do we ship worldwide to ensure everyone gets a taste of LAMODA in their wardrobe, we are working towards being a unisex footwear brand! Yes, that means our shoes will be suitable for everyone! We are working towards adding larger sizes and creating new designs that you are yet to fall in love with! We’ve just added Size 9 and Size 10 options in some of our best sellers, and we’ve expanded our wide fit range.

Conscious Fashion -You heard it here first. LAMODA is Vegan friendly. We know some of our shoes have a rough exterior, however, they were made with a conscious mind and a love for all living things! Our commitment to this means we are a PETA-Approved brand; we work collaboratively with our factories so that there is a proactive approach to ensuring that we maintain our standards. All our products are manufactured using ethically sourced and vegan-friendly materials.

4ever Friendly -You are our family. If it wasn't for you all, we would not be in this position to supply and create amazing shoes that are constantly in demand. A LAMODA promise of ours is that you will be respected, listened to, and valued to the full. If you have any queries at all just email us at hello@lamoda.co.uk and someone will get back to you within 5 - 7 days!

#LAMODAbabes -Since 2017, LAMODA has created an online community with our amazing customers. We always influence our babes to tag us in their styles for not only a chance to get featured on our profile but to inspire each other with fashion! You may be inspired by us, but we are constantly inspired by you.